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  • Down jacket clean wet wipes

  • Weight:70g
    Sheet Size:18*14cm
    Packing: 12pcs/bag
    Alcohol Free: yes
    Fragrance: No
    Material:Non woven fabric,Deionized water, surfactant, dispersant
    Place of Origin:Henan, China
    Brand Name: Xianrun
    Alcohol Free: Yes
    Main components:quaternary ammonium salt,Phenoxyethanol
    Non-Woven Type: Thickened cross ply non woven fabric
    Main components:Deionized water, surfactant, dispersant
    no fluorescent agent, no irritation, strong decontamination ability
    Factory sales, low prices,Large output and fast delivery
    Price comes from quality
    Free samples
    Plastic bag or Customized
    By express, sea, air, rail, etc
    Quick deliver
    Support ODM & OEM,Quick deliver
    We are a professional wipes factory in China for more than 13 years. and has 10 advanced automatic production lines
    You can contact me if you have any questions

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